Ms. Benson draws much of her inspiration from woodland and ocean shores throughout New England. Her attention to detail is revealed in the brushstrokes of lush landscapes and energy charged atmospheres. By capturing the dance of light and shadow on her canvas, Elizabeth's oil paintings invite the viewer to journey with her as she explores nature in creation. 

Her desire is to inspire and encourage the want-to-be artist in all of us, as she promotes the Arts through the medium of Oil Painting.  As Certified Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker / Trainer, Elizabeth often conducts Workshops, Training Sessions and Retreats, that encourage creativity and balance in life. Discovering your authentic self and getting un-blocked or common themes. For more information about workshops available, go to the "workshops" link on the home page. For more information on Elizabeth Visit the "Bio" Page

 "Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread."  -Richard Wright-   

Liz is also a Certified Executive Coach successfully providing powerful collaboration to creative professionals and indviduals to assist them in discover and remove hidden obstacals or blocks  that help her clients to restore their desired tajectory. and move forward.  Ask for  your free thirty minute coaching assessment  today!

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