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Mid Summer Squall
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Mid Summer Squall
The intended subject here was the town wharf. As I was painting the scene however, I began to get lost in a mid-summer memory. In this memory I was sitting on the beach on the other side of the wharf building. It was a about mid-day. It was a beautiful sunny day with just a few puffy clouds against a radiant blue sky. I was looking out over the water when suddenly the water around the wharf began to look choppy. It was strange given the brightness of the day. I thought maybe there were blue fish chasing chub around the dock. But about ten minutes later, behind us the sky grew ominous and dark. I looked around to see a very large thunder cloud forming and soon it began to pour. I became so lost in thought about this memory I actually painted it instead. ( Prints Available
Reference: 2961

Size: 8 x 10

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