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Friendly Competion
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Friendly Competion
This was a larger composition that I cut and made into two pictures. As a young artist I wanted to paint the Humming bird I encountered on retreat at the Hudson NH retreat center. I was quite proud of my painting until an art teacher looked at it and shook his head as it to say"no,no,no". He then went on to ask me if I had ever seen the wings of a humming bird while in flight in nature. Suddenly I understood; the wings move at such a rapid rate that only in slow motion can you actually see a humming birds winds while in flight in nature. I had made a huge paint faux pas. As for the bees the sam is true. The other section of this paint re title "Walk With ME",became a stand alone landscape painting of a field and a red potters shed.
Reference: 2957

Size: 12 x 16
Price: $825.00

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